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When you don’t belong: Meh-fib-o-sheth...

Recently, I lectured on the story of Mephibosheth (if you think it is hard to say, try typing it) in 2 Samuel 9. I stumbled across it in my studies as I had done many times before but this time, my dead heart started beating wildly. It had come alive by the end of the story and I whisper his name often, as a is me. It is you. It is all of us when we feel that we don't belong.

Mephibosheth...Jonathan's son, heir to the throne, which David was crowned King over. He was the only royal blood line alive...the throne was his. His father, Jonathan, died in battle along with the rest of the family, and when his nurse found out they fled (2 Sam 4:4). You have to understand that the enemies of the throne would want every blood heir killed so they could have a new kingdom. His nurse knowing this fled with him in hand to keep out of the enemies way. But while they hastily left, he fell and "...he became lame in his feet." And that same line is repeated two more times in 2 Samuel 9:3 and the very last line of the story in 9:13. Why? Because it is us.

Don't miss the details...meaning of Mephibosheth's name = "a shameful thing"

The place they escape to? Lodebar = "the place of no pasture or land of nothing"

Fear most likely challenged his mental state day in and day out...he is crippled, a poor man, he does not have access to the families wealth or the lands of the family, would David come and have me killed?

But in his moment of feeling like he didn't belong, in walked walked David...

David and Jonathan loved each other and they made a pact that David would always look out for his family. And when David asked who he could show kindness too for Jonathan's sake years and years later, someone told him Jonathan's son is alive. So begins the unexpected journey of someone who doesn't belong, who is lame, who has no one. David told him that no matter what, from here on out, he would eat at the king's table, and not only that but David would provide for Mephibosheth's son, he would be served royal treatment, even though he was undeserving of such favor. He finally belonged. He was a part of the family. No more shame, no more place of no pasture...he was royalty.

Us. We are broken in so many ways and stumble along with a limp, but continually, Jesus assures us that we too will sit at his table at the final banquet and eat with Him and be shown a favor that we could only dream of. The Bread of Life will be before us and we will forever walks walks Jesus.

When we feel we don't belong...whisper Mephibosheth's name and let his story wash over you with a joy inexplicable that yes, in fact, we do belong, with our good King Jesus.

"...and you belong to Christ and Christ belongs to God." 1 Corinthians 3:23


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