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when all hope seems lost...

"I am poured out like water, and all my bones are disjointed; my heart is like wax, melting within me. My strength is dried up like baked clay; my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth. You put me into the dust of death." Psalm 22:14-15 Bingo. Those days...when nothing seems right...when you feel that you cannot make a good decision to save your life...when the bills keep coming...when you just sit and cry and wait for heaven because surely it has to be better than this... It must have been what the woman felt who fell at Jesus feet, having bled for 12 years - hopeless. No one could heal her, and no one wanted her. The hopelessness of life, and then all at once, the touch of a robe. Her faith never stopped, even against all odds. How I long for that hope and that touch. How many times in the past months I have reached my hand out to touch his robe, and feel I just missed it. The pain runs deep and the sorrow is insurmountable. I too, am in a moment when all I can do is sit and cry and wish it all to go away. Praying, feeling like the prayers are too little...that the prayers just aren't heard...that I have forgotten how to pray. I sit, wondering if I too will be restored. But STILL, I hope. "As my life was fading away, I remembered Yahweh." Jonah 2:7


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