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"...for you are treasured by God...." Daniel 9:23, 10:11, 10:19 I admit - ever since I was a young child, my craving to find treasure has been to unprecedented geek levels. I remember trips to the glistening Oregon Coast where I would search every nook and crevice hoping to find a shiny object, something of worth. I would dream of owning my very own metal detector and finding long lost coins or stumbling across a piece of history that was beckoning to be found. It never least not yet. In the midst of studying Daniel, I just couldn't shake the phrase this morning, "...treasured by God." It occurs three times in a matter of 2 chapters. In all three occurrences Daniel was weak, crying aloud for strength, overwhelmed and powerless. And in all three occurrences, even in the state he was in, Gabriel reminded him that he was undeniably treasured by God. Daniel was treasure. I kept mulling over the phrase, rereading, and rereading it again, quietly hoping I was a treasure to God too. After a few tears, I paused...what if we started looking at everyone as a treasure? Instead of the nosy neighbor, a treasure...instead of a horrible boss, treasure...instead of a mom or dad who caused pain, treasure...instead of the obnoxious child, a treasure...our world would be shaken to the core. We might just start to say Jesus' name a little louder, we might just pray a little bit harder for the lost, we might just go on mission understanding the urgency, we might just forgive and be forgiven a little easier. It is not about excusing an action, whether right or wrong, it is about remembering more often that we are all broken need of a Savior. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21


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