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the three visitors...

"He looked up and he saw three men standing near him..." Genesis 18:2

Abraham...a man of many colors who often times questioned and doubted God, but was always faithful to His commands. Here he was sitting in his tent, resting from the heat, when three men appeared standing near him. These definitely weren't just any ordinary visitors...these were visitors that were worthy of him bowing down to the ground for in reverance...he even referenced them as one, saying "My Lord...". There is much debate among scholars who exactly these three were, but regardless, Abraham believed them to be extremely important. He quickly offered them bread, water, and implored them to wash their feet and rest because surely "...this is why you have passed your servant's way." He couldn't have been more pleasing to his master, and more wrong as to why they were truly there, as the stories afterwards reveal. But alas, they let him do what he would like to do. He gathers everything and sets it before them and they take the meal.

The desire to please and serve them ran through his blood thick. Paul and countless others wrote of the importance of pleasing the Lord in our actions and words, and it is important. But in my own clamorings of wanting to please God, it often times has become my primary motive, instead of my response to His goodness. We perform so we can please...we pray so we can please...we worship so we can please. But, in that pleasing, we lose sight of His grace and His goodness towards us and we reach exhaustion, spiritually and physically. We lose sight of the rest that comes in letting His peace wash over us...that as soon as we are His, we ARE pleasing in His sight. His grace is enough. And when our pleasing becomes a response to His love, our strength to run the race that is set before us grows, instead of exhausting ourselves to a crawl.

As the story of Abraham and the three visitors unfolds, and as we read his giving of bread, water and ability to wash feet, I see so clearly the One who would become our Bread of Life, the one who would become our Living Water and the One who would serve us and wash our feet in an act of humility and sacrifice, to save us from ourselves, to give us a reason to please Him in response to His goodness. The story was beautifully reversed with one act. Jesus. King Jesus.

"[May God] equip you with all that is good to do His will, working in us what is pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ. Glory belongs to Him forever and ever. Amen." Hebrews 13:21


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