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the necessity of eternity...

“When all has been heard, the conclusion of the matter is: fear God and keep His commands, because this is for all humanity. For God will bring every act to judgment, including every hidden thing, whether good or evil.” Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

I recently finished studying Ecclesiastes. To be honest, I really haven’t ever enjoyed Ecclesiastes. I’ve always found it quite depressing and cynical and totally out of place to the rest of the Bible. When pastors use a verse or two (out of context), I cringe. When I see wooden signs made from a verse or two (out of context), I cringe. I just simply have never found it to be pleasant. So I found it quite amusing when I felt that the Lord was urging me to take another look. Begrudgingly, printed commentaries beside me, computer commentaries in front of me, I opened up Ecclesiastes, vowing to read every verse and every chapter – only to be forever changed by the end.

Day in and day out, pondering every word, forging on as if it was my only mission to make it to the end…when unexpectedly, my heart started churning. With each mention of “futile” and each mention of “meaningless” my world became upended. I was constantly contemplating that this is exactly what life would be like apart from an eternal viewpoint…apart from Christ, the center. And it made me angry. Angry that I didn’t have more urgency to share the hope that I have. Angry that I allowed myself to lose my view of eternity. Our questions, our hopes, our desires – they really are all truly meaningless in a life that is forever separated from its Creator.

As the last chapter of Ecclesiastes was coming to an end, I found that the begrudging attitude I once held at the start had turned into a true desire to place eternity in view of every action and every choice. Because then and only then, would it please the One who I had chosen to follow and who I had chosen to be ruler over my life here on earth…the One who would usher me into all eternity. Futility was not the first word about our world spoken by God – and it won’t be the last!

“Life is wrestling, struggling; but death is the end of conflict [for the Christian] – it is rest – victory.” Charles Spurgeon


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