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the last passover...

Passover was the first feast of the Jewish calendar, held every year, to commemorate Israel's deliverance from Egypt. This was done with the sacrifice of a spotless lamb. Jesus knew he had one last night to spend with his disciples and He would spend it keeping the Passover (Matthew 26:18). He was sovereignly in control of all the events that would take place and "earnestly desired" (Luke 22:15-16) to eat with them as if to usher in the True Lamb of God that was about to be sacrificed. During this feast Christ would take the role of the lowest servant and clothe himself with all humility and true holiness by washing His disciples feet...signifying their need to be cleansed inside from an external source. The night was a "typical" Jewish celebration, until the moment Jesus foretold the evil deed of betrayal that one of His disciples would be responsible for. I can only imagine what sort of "Debbie Downer" that must have put on the celebration. It was an unimaginable thought to His disciples who were grieved, that He would say such a thing (Mark 14:17-21). But although grieved, they all knew the potential for such treachery lay within their hearts as they asked, "Surely not I?". Of a most intriguiging side note, it is noble of the men that their first response was not fingerpointing but self-examination. We could learn a lot from those men. Maybe it was the fact that Jesus had already called them out for not washing each other's feet, or maybe it was their humility that Christ saw in their hearts from the very first day He called them to follow Him. Regardless, the men were no doubt questioning themselves as Jesus did not reveal who, but let the one who was to betray, reveal himself...and reveal himself he did (Matthew 26:25). After taking the cup and the bread, thus instituting the first Lord's Supper, and Christ seemingly establishing in their minds the theological meaning of His death, they sang hymns, which scholars believe are 5 chapters of Psalms beginning with 113. There is no way that the disciples could have understood the full context of Christ's actions and words that Passover night. Only after the next few days' events unfolded would these truths become clear to them and they would understand that their insufficiency would be met by Christ's sufficiency to redeem.


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