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"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." -Jesus Suffering. There are many books written about it. Many a pastor has spoken on it. Songs are infiltrated with it. We talk about it. We live it. Cancer. Heart attack. Infertility. Death. Divorce. Adultery. Pornography. Every one of us is just one word away from falling on our knees, crying out to God, to anyone who will listen, in hopes of rescuing us from the pain, to help alleviate the emotion, to catch every tear. We drown ourselves in anger, fear, consumes us. It consumed me for years long ago. In the moment it feels like the whole world will collapse on top of you. In the purest moment of suffering our will has been broken. Our hope is lost. But in that exact same moment, for the disciple-community, there is something else happening. Something overtakes the comes in like a thief, and steals it away, replacing it with joy and hope. Sorrow no longer tires you or wears you down, and it doesn't make you cynical, hopeless, begins to strengthen you, build you up, knowing that Jesus bore the suffering of the whole world on the cross. Walking down the roads I have had to walk throughout my life, I often looked down, looking for rocks or holes that I would need to step over and miss so I didn't stumble. And often times, forget looking down, I would just look back or look at another's road, wishing I was on a different one. But as time went on, and I realized that the suffering I had to endure was a way to true comfort, I started training myself to look straight ahead, fully trusting that Jesus had already walked this road and that He was not only walking with me, but He was waiting for me at the end. I learned that this was true peace in the midst of suffering. How beautiful is the love of a Savior, my Savior, who created me, who knew my road, who created a way to salvation for me. I have found the narrow road and there is nothing to fear. Jesus waits for me...and I pray to always be running towards Him, no matter what amount of suffering awaits. "Let your eyes look directly ahead and let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you." Proverbs 4:25


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