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Yesterday I was reminded of so many things...I was reminded of the way the Lord is refining me. As I lay under a tree, watching the sunset, a single leaf slowly made its descent to the ground right beside me, as if to bid farewell to its life on a tree in order to make room for new life in the Spring. I was reminded of how precious one single life is as a woman pushed a stroller with a newborn baby, and as she passed I prayed that she would realize what a blessing she has. I was reminded of how beautiful this world is as the floating, puffy clouds hid the sun just perfect enough to cause the rays to shine out of the sides and fill up the sky with the Lord's majesty. I was reminded of the sin in my life when I squashed an ant that was crawling up my leg...nah, just kidding (well, I did squash the ant and I was reminded of my sin, but not because I squashed the ant). :) I was reminded of the sin in my life as I read the Proverbs enticing me to desire more instruction, more wisdom and more humility in every decision I make. I was reminded of my desire to be the Proverbs 31 woman...and prayed that someday someone would see loving me as a blessing, instead of a burden. I prayed I could be seen as a woman who fears the Lord and prayed that all of the things she was, I could be too. I was reminded of how special and how rare it is to be able to share a life with someone else as a man and woman walked and talked enjoying the evening, enjoying each other and as two girl friends walked their dogs, laughing together. I cried. I cried hard. I cried because, at that very moment, I deeply missed my boyfriend, I missed my family and I missed my best friends. I was reminded that all of my hopes and desires for this life is found solely in Jesus Christ and His will. God, take my life - take all of me. Your grace is all I rely on. You broke the night like the sun You healed my heart with your great love Any trouble I couldn't bear You lifted me upon Your shoulders A love thats stronger Love that cover's sin That takes the weight of the world I love you All of my hope is in You Jesus Christ, take my life, take all of me You stand on mountain tops with me With You I walk through the valleys Your grace is all I rely on I love you so, and I give up my heart to say I need You so, my everything Take All of Me by Hillsong United


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