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There is something to be said of sharing our lives with another. It is scary, invigorating, and healing. And sometimes, it hurts. Sometimes the wounds we carry with us, the wounds we don't let go of, the wounds that cause us to hide, cause wounds to another person. We don't mean to, but we are so caught up in our own wounds that we forget we have the power to cause them. We walk around, looking at "healthy" people, wondering why on earth they seem to be healed, and we are left hurting. We ask them how they got healing, how long it took, and we strive to do the same. We look at them and we decide that if it worked for them, it must work for me. But that is where we have gone wrong. Our God is a God who is never the same. His healing took many forms in the Bible, and with each person He came across, it was a different path to that healing. Sometimes it was simply His command, sometimes it was His touch, sometimes it was quick, and sometimes it was years, sometimes it was through the touch of His disciples, sometimes it was His prayer, sometimes it was through much anguish, sometimes it was through His creation. Don't you see? Our God is a changeless God who changes. His love is the same, his being is the same, but His work is never the same. There is no one stop shop with God...and there are no formulas for healing. Healing from wounds is a deeply personal matter and something that only God has the power to do. God is no robot...he knows my life, my past, my present, my future, my heart, my personality, and He will heal in the way that is best for me...all I must do is keep my eyes open, keep walking towards the finish line, and believe. "Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for You are my praise." Jeremiah 17:14


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