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Pedestal (from French piedestal, Italian piedistallo, foot of a stall) is a term generally applied to the support of a statue or a vase. (Wikipedia)

Lately, I have pondered this fascinating and damaging word. For all who have ever been placed on a pedestal, it hurts. It hurts because as much as you try to convince the other person that you don't belong there, or that you are just like the next person, or there really is nothing THAT special about you, that you have made mistakes, and needed God's grace as much as the next...they continue to place you there. Then, one day, reality hits and you do something that proves that you do not belong on the pedestal...their world comes crashing down and instantly you are looked at as an instant failure, all trust in you has vanished. The statue is broken and although relief comes because finally, you are seen as someone who is normal, grief comes because you see how much it hurts them now that they believe you are not the idol they once placed you to be in their lives. Then, you start to realize that you felt you had to maintain that place of stature, on the pedestal, and you realize you have covered up, trying to hide anything too painful to handle that would crush that person's world, when really, it is crushing you. You both lose. But only momentarily...Love...bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, ENDURES all things (1 Cor. 13:7).


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