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palm sunday...

Palm Sunday: The beginning of the hardest week of Jesus' life and the week that would bring salvation to all who believed. It is hard to imagine that Jesus rode into Jerusalem with praise and exaltation, especially after knowing what the next few days held for Him...days of betrayal, of trial, of false accusations and of murder. Shouts of "Hosanna" from the crowds, and branches from palm trees and their clothing being spread in the road before Him acknowledging His miracle working power (John 12: 17-19), but not prepared to acknowledge their sin and yield to Him as Lord. It is probable to say that the very ones who were shouting "Hosanna" were the ones later who were shouting "Crucify Him!" and it is probable to say that I would have been one of the imposters. Jesus was humble enough to be "mounted on a donkey" (Zec 9:9) and still, the people could not see it. Palm Sunday was the beginning of the end. Jesus knew His hour had come and that the sovereign plan of God for the redemption of sinners would come to pass. It was his triumphal entry, and gaining popularity among the people, that no doubt threatened the Jewish leaders, who were already conspiring to discuss what to do about Him. And so the turn of events started to unfold for Jesus' last days on this earth. The murder of Jesus was a conspiracy that involved the Jewish Sanhedrin (Annas and Caiaphas), the Romans (Pilate and Herod), the Gentiles, and the people of Israel - all of these diverse groups who apart from this event were seldom fully in accord with one another...a monumental event filled with evil intent, of which the evil plot would seemingly succeed until the 3rd day and the tomb was laid empty longer holding a man, but releasing a Savior. And thus, the evil plans of these conspirators coincided precisely with the eternal plan of God.


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