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"Then the Lord God formed the man out of the dust from the ground and breathed the breath [neshamah] of life into his nostrils, and the man became a living being." Genesis 2:7

When did we lose this sense of wonder of where we came from? Our breath came from God's own breath...just take a second and let that sink into the depths of your soul. Breathe in deeply...and feel the weight of knowing how close God really is, that you are not alone. As I sit studying, tears have gathered in the corners of my eyes, begging to be released, because I simply just cannot comprehend the miracle. How much He loves us...and how often I forget to praise Him for the very breath that I breathe, the neshamah that He gave, the neshamah that gave me life, so I can give it back to Him.

I have prayed often for years, but especially this past week about a women's ministry that has been on my heart. I don't know if I am equipped, I don't know how I am going to do it, or where I am going to do it, I don't know many who will come, or if it will just be me, I don't even know why He has so heavily put this on my heart, but one thing I do know...we all need more Jesus in the breaths that we take. We need life. We need to meet with each other in our raw form daily. Where are the women who have or are experiencing divorce? Where are the women who can't have children and who hurt to the core? Where are the single women who long for a husband? Where are the new mothers who just need a friend? Where are the women who have struggled with abuse or who struggle with their faith? Where are the women who have just found Jesus and need to shout it out? Where are the women who have had eating disorders or who have had abortions? Where are the women who have gone through the valley and are now ready to mentor other women? Where are the women who are alone and just need someone to care? Where are we women? We need each other. We need to experience the breath of God in every hurt, in every joy, in every sorrow, in every breath that we take...because when we experience His breath, we have purpose, we have an inexplicable joy in any circumstance, and our entire life changes to the core.

I once heard it said that the pain of getting better is greater than the pain of staying the same, which is why we often times hide, why we don't want to look in a different direction, why we refuse to humble ourselves and change, why we don't want to talk about the mistakes and the wrongs of our life. The pain is real, and it will hurt, but what is waiting on the other side is life - neshamah that we breathe in, where what comes out is praise to the One who gave us hope. Together is better...together is where we need to be.

"Let everything that has breath [neshamah] praise the Lord. Hallelujah!" Psalm 150:6


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