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love wins...

I was struck this morning by a story in the news...Dorwin Stoddard was his name. A 76 year old man who died on Saturday. He didn't die in a warm bed, he didn't die because of cancer...he died shielding his wife from a gunman who opened fire in Arizona at a political event. As soon as I read the story, a steady stream of tears ran down my face. Every little girl dreams of a prince, a man who is strong and who will go to great lengths to love, and protect. Our fairy tales as little girls are disrupted when...well, no doubt, if you are a woman, you will have no trouble filling in the blank. Then, movies come out like Last of the Mohicans, Robin Hood, Braveheart, Ever After...stories that seem to rekindle our desire, our hope of finding a man who fights for us, who breathes us, who lives for us, who dies for us. It seems so selfish and in some instances it can overtake us, but the part of a woman that desires that kind of strong love is not always bad, and it is what makes us give love so openly and freely. Our dreams are thwarted often times, but this story, rekindled my childhood dreams...and then, as if the stillness and beauty of a snowy morning reminded me, I realized my Prince had already come. Jesus took my place and shielded me from all of the wounds that could penetrate my heart and He gave me a way to stand strong to the end. I still have my dreams of love, of the fairy tale story that us girls are so good at dreaming of, but I have no doubt, my fairy tale started when I was ambushed by my Savior on June 4, 2003 and I have no doubt that no matter what more is yet to be written in my story, it will end with "...Happily Ever After...". "But You, O Lord, are a shield about me..." Psalm 3:3


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