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champion my cause...

There is a story snug deep within 1 Samuel that offers a sure hope for the sinner and a champion that fights for us and intercedes for us, even in our weakest moments.

Recently, I had to deal with a situation at work that involved a whole lot of drama and not a lot of humility. I wanted so desperately to sling insults, to speak out in the name of justice, to defend, to fight with my fists, to ridicule with my words. The Lord continually reminded me that he would speak for me when it was time, but still, I prepared like He wouldn't. I didn't want to be reminded. I wanted to fight. I prepared incessently the words I was going to say, and how I was going to say them and the digs I would subtly put in to my words to prove my innocence and to make myself stand a little bit higher than my opponent. I stayed up for long hours at night and woke up early in the mornings preparing. I was ready to fight and not fight nicely. Besides, I had every reason and right to and not to do it nicely. I had done nothing wrong and yet I was the one who was taking the bullets day in and day out. I was tired. I was done. I was ready to take it into my own hands.

As I sat looking at my Bible on Monday, I really wasn't ready to do any kind of reading. I was ready to keep preparing. I had to be prepared for my meeting. But my heart and my mind kept nagging at me to open it up...and so I relented, begrudingly, if I am being honest. 1 Samuel 25. In walked Daivd, Abigail and Nabal.

The short of the story? David sent men to Nabal's men to ask him for anything he could spare - food - and Nabal refused to send anything, likening him to a slave that had run away from his master. David's anger rose at the injustice and told his men to grab their swords. Seemingly, blood and vengeance were his and he was prepared to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Abigail, Nabal's wife, was told what had transpired and she busied herself to prepare a feast to intercept and reason with David as he traveled to overtake Nabal. In the course of her mini sermon, she convinced David that He was a man of God, and that God would be with him forever and his enemies would have no foothold in his life...seemingly to trust in God's plan, not his own.

In what seems to be an act of pure humility, David relented from his attack...he left his preparations, he didn't need to prepare anymore. When Abigail returned, she told Nabal all that had happened. And in a turn of events, a seizure and paralyzation enveloped his being and 10 days later his death would be the talk of the town. No doubt, in a cry of worship, David shouted, "Praise the Lord who championed my cause against Nabal's insults and restrained His servant from doing evil. The Lord brought Nabal's evil deeds back on his own head".

1 Samuel 25. In walked Jesus. In walked the One who would truly champion my cause. The preparations that once took every ounce of my energy turned into a prayer of Jesus doing the same for me...and He did intercede for me. He filled my heart and mind with prayers of thanksgiving that He would prevail, if only I would trust. Every time my weak mind wandered back to wanting to prepare, I turned it into a desperate plea to my Savior to prepare for me, to fight my battle, and to continue to pour grace through my actions and my words.

Walking into my meeting on Friday, I left my preparations at the door and chose to take His preparations for my life...and by the end of the meeting, my story had been beautifully written...and my battle had truly been won, from the inside out.


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