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an empty vase...

The rain is steadily pouring down out my window...the sound makes my mind escape to places I only dream of. Silently, my heart is wishing, hoping, praying for the day when it's empty vase will be filled. You see, there are moments in my life when it seems as if my heart is just a shell. I question what is really there inside, I question if there is anything at all. The question on my mind right this moment, is what more can I do? I think of everything I have worked for, everything I believe in, everything I want to be...and I am left with nothing but the cross in front of me...the world behind. No matter how hard I try, every day, for the world to satisfy my longings and my desires, nothing compares to the moment I sit down and am still, listening, praying and reading ancient stories of faithfulness and determination. I'm crying out now...I'm so far away...Pull me closer to Love. "My soul waits in silence for God only..." Psalm 62:1a


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