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all I want...

Third grade has to be one of the best grades in the whole world to teach. There is just something so pure and innocent about a 3rd grader. One of my the most adorable little guy ever. He has a thick Spanish accent, quiet and incredibly smart. Yesterday, at the end of our class Christmas party, I gave him a big smile and asked him what he was hoping to get for Christmas. He looked at me for what seemed like a minute, then said softly, in a thick accent, "I want what Santa wants me to have. Nothing more." I was stunned to hear such humility and such trust in a little kid that he would be provided for. I looked at his sweet mom with tears in my eyes, and couldn't say a word. She looked at me and said (in her thick Spanish accent), "That's what he has said from the beginning...he has said nothing more." I was silent and she knew it had touched my heart deeply. I don't know their story, I don't know how he has been raised, but I do know that that little boy has it right - more than most adults I know, more than any child I know. My prayers last night were focused on those words that kept replaying in my mind...only in a prayer to my God, a one sentence prayer. I told Him I wanted nothing more than what He wanted to give me in my life, for my life, and through my life...because it would be enough. It took one little boy yesterday to remind me of the One little boy who knew what He wanted to give me, even though I didn't know...a little boy who came into this world to give me life...and give it to me abundantly.


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