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a greater grace...

"He gives a greater grace..." James 4:6 As I have sat the past few days, rain slowly hitting my window, I have read and reread this portion of verse over and over like a broken record. I sat silently and just let those words flood my soul. And my soul awakened from a deep slumber. These past few days have been a time when I have thought about all the weighs on my mind...the regrets of yesterday, the struggles of today, the fear of tomorrow. We've all heard the word, we know that God gives it, we have asked for it, we have desired it, we have no doubt begged for it, but do we really ever live in it? A greater grace. Just let it flood your soul like it did mine. A greater grace gives us a joyous joy, victorious victories, deeper depths of love, and a consuming compassion for those who need it - drawing us closer to the heart of Jesus. But we have lost our way...walked the widened road...fallen into the lusts of the world, surrounded ourselves or have become envious, are all to often proud, failed to keep control of our tongue, rooted our lives in staying busy, created conflict with those around us. We have a great need that needs a greater strength, a greater sword to wield when the enemy comes and attacks our hearts and minds. The world can say they give grace, but it is an empty grace, a cheap grace, that fills you up with pride then lets you down violently. Yet, out of the darkness of this world, ever so gently, God's grace shows up...God's great grace shows up. To the humble. To the meek. To those who submit themselves to God. To those who ask. Let it take control of your life. Let it change you. Only then will you have found true freedom. "Grace is the majesty, the freedom, the undeservedness, the unexpectedness, the newness, the arbitrariness, in which a relationship to God and therefore the possibility of knowing Him is opened up to man by God Himself...Grace is God's good pleasure." - Karl Barth


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